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Curbstone Press Release
Apex Training

Wed. April 10th 2019

Reservations for first Curbstone APEX Training
in Spa-Francorchamps now open
> Master iconic corners and improve your driving technique
> Open to both beginnner and experienced drivers
> Bring your own car or use Curbstone's Arrive & Drive offer
> Always on the eve of a Curbstone Track and Test Day
Curbstone, Europe’s leading Test and Track Day organiser, introduces its APEX Training Sessions at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Under the supervision of experienced racer Jeffrey Van Hooydonk and the Curbstone Coach team you will learn to master the corners of the iconic circuit and improve all aspects of your driving technique, especially high-speed braking and fast driving.

Curbstone's APEX Training Sessions are created for any driver hungry to improve his or her driving style. Both the beginner track day driver seeking knowledge of how to tackle the Spa's legendary corners such as Eau Rouge or Blanchimont or the experienced gentleman or lady driver wanting to improve his or her racing lines and gain a few tenths by hitting the perfect apex are welcome. Owners of GT, Sports and race cars – with a maximum noise production of 95 dB – can bring their own machine, but there are also cars available through Curbstone's Arrive & Drive.

The APEX Training Sessions are always held on the eve of a Curbstone Track and Test Day. Participants are welcomed from 16:00, and receivea theory lesson at 16:30 on high speed braking and the ideal driving line on the circuit, as well as some information on ideal tyre pressure and management. As safety is paramount at every Curbstone event, this will be followed by a short safety briefing.

Fifteen minutes before taking to the track, the coaches will assist you in determining and verifying the ideal tyre pressure for your car. This is followed by a first 'Lead & Follow' lap to give all participants an idea of the track and the best trajectory.

Between 18:15 and 20:00 the APEX Training Session continues with an open pit lane format, during which the coaches will help you to improve on every lap. Watching from the side-line, the coach will guide you through the corners, providing radio feedback on braking and steering points, which will ultimately lead to hitting... the perfect apex!

As Jeffrey Van Hooydonk says, “the true essence of the Apex Training is to make you better than yesterday…especially at Spa-Francorchamps!”.
APEX Training Dates
> Tuesday 23 April 2019
> Monday 08 July 2019
> Tuesday 10 September 2019
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